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The 4Tk Gaming Deathwatch teams have been assigned to the Jericho Reach and have been tasked with supporting the Imperiums efforts in bringing the Jericho Reach back into the realms of humanity and in the safe arms of the Emperor. Our primary objective is to establish a base of operations and aid and support any relevant theatre of operations within the Jericho Reach. How the campaign unfolds within the Jericho Reach will be down to the Watch Commander and the Key Imperial battle commanders already involved in operations throughout the Reach.

Mission Brief

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4Tk Gaming is looking at starting an epic Deathwatch campaign initially for the members at the club and for those that can make it down to the club. If you are interested in participating then check that you are happy with the criteria we have set. This Deathwatch campaign is designed to be ongoing, although you do not have to commit to every game every week. The idea is that we (4Tk Gaming) will post missions on here and in store throughout the week and you or your Kill Team leader will then apply for the mission. After completing the mission your event is recorded with any heroic deeds on your individual and Squad history and posted here and in the store.  

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3 Deathwatch Kills teams are now currently supporting the Avalos mission with Jenny’s Angels leading the original mission. Kill team

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