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May News

Our new demo area

We are always trying to improve the shop and club and this month is no different. Some of the feedback we are receiving is indicating that we are not really geared up to teach the systems that we sell. As a result of this feedback we are making some small changes to the shop floor area to in corporate 3 small demo tables that will have interchangeable boards that will change depending on the focus in the store. The first 3 Demo boards that we will be putting in our Warhammer 40000, Dropzone & X-wing. These first 3 Demo tables will be up and running by the end of May

Demo Area Focus

X-Wing is becoming a very popular gaming system and as a result we have expanded our X-Wing range and have now organised a Tournament for the 22nd of June. To be apart of the tournament just follow the link below

X-Wing Tournament

Demo Table 1: Will see a focus on

X-Wing up to the end of June

Demo Table 2: Will see a focus on

The New Warhammer 40000 Rules which will be a permanent feature throughout 2014.

Starting 24th May

Demo Table 3: Will see a focus on

A relatively new but great game system Dropzone Commander

Our COG Tournaments continue to prove a successful format with COG 1750 being sold out almost 2 months before the tournament.

For more details select the link

This month we have 30% off selected Transports and Chariots from GW & Dropzone Commander. These offers are on whilst stocks last and do not form part of our promise to only list what we have in-stock.

GW Price £22.50

4Tk Price £15.75

GW Price £18.00

4Tk Price £12.60

Find the full list by following this link

4Tk Price £13.65

GW Price £28.00

4Tk Price £19.60

You all know its on it way so keep an eye on what we are doing in making the change a little easier to bare…….


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24 Th May

Despite some of the bad press, Games Workshop do it again with another fantastic example of why they lead the market when it comes to the Tabletop Gaming Hobby. This new rule book addition looks great and is set to have some major game changes when it come to how you play the game and choose your army. The new rule book comes in 3 parts with part one being, A Galaxy at War, which is your guide to the hobby and what makes it great, part 2, the Dark Millennium, which contains the key background “fluff” and finally and obviously the rules which is great to have as a single small more manageable book.