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Welcome to our Summer Open Day 2014

Our Summer Open Days are always full of great deals as well as some superb offers. Not only do you get the great offers but you also get a fun filled day with plenty of things to do, just check below for more details

Door Crashers

Amazing 1 off offers

Main Deals

All day deals, whilst stocks last

Raffle Prize Draw

Our biggest raffle prize draw to date

Apoc Demo Game

Massive Forge World Apoc game


Get involved and earn Free raffle tickets

Intro Games

Dreadball, Deadzone, Infinity, Warmachine,

 Dropzone to name a few  

Any items in stock Any rulebook Only 1 of each product shown

Prizes currently worth


KR Backback

Any Rulebook

Excludes Games Workshop

KR Multicase

2 Player Box set

X-Wing Blister

Dark Vengeance

50p a strip or get them FREE through the day

You can get them through the day by just joining in. Check out below how much you get for each activity you take part in

Raffle prize draw can be subject to change, without prior notice and you must be here to win the top 3 prizes

Every year the painting entries get stronger and this year we expect it to be no different. Bring down your models and enter in as many categories as you want.. All winners in each category will receive a mini trophy and 10 raffle tickets.

All entries can be brought down on the day where we will take photos, judge and display.  


Throughout the day we will have activities planned where you can get yourself FREE raffle tickets to enter our Raffle Prize Draw.

The Zombie Challenge is all about using your speed painted Space Marine and taking it to the Zombie Zone to kill as many zombies as you can. Each Zombie is worth 1 Raffle Ticket

How quickly can you paint a Space Marine? Give it a go and get some FREE raffle tickets. Each Space Marine painted gets you 5 raffle tickets. When you have painted your Space Marine take him to the Zombie Challenge table kill some zombies and earn even more raffle tickets. You can even keep your marine afterwards.

Painting Competition

Get involved and earn Free raffle tickets

#DoorCrashers #MainDeals #RafflePrizeDraw Demo Games

Come down and try one of the most popular games in the UK today.

Pick a side

Rebels vs Imperials

Who will win on the day

Score as many goals as you can in 10 minutes. Every goal is worth 3 Raffle tickets. Your Dreadball intro guy can only defend.

Have a go of the intro game Deadzone, created by Mantic Games. The more you kill the more Raffle Tickets you can earn. Each enemy kill is worth 3 Raffle tickets

#ApocDemoGame #Activities #IntroGames

19000pts of Loyalists

1500pts Salamanders

1500pts Mechanicum

400pts Knights

Knight Lancer

2500pts Ultramarines

2500pts Iron Hands

750pts x3 Warhound

1500pts Reaver

2000pts Imperial Guard

Fell Blade

Loyalist Hero’s

Ferrus Manus

 19000pts of Traitors

1000pts Sons Of Horus

7000pts Emperors Children

3500pts World Eaters

3000pts Death Guard

2000pts Word Bearers

2000pts Daemons

Traitor Hero’s  


Horus Fulgrim








Typhon x2

Spartan x2

Knight Lancer

APOC 30K Battle

Check below to see who has come out to play.

The Attendee’s