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35% Off any 1 single Warhammer 40000 Battleforce

35% Off any 1 single Warhammer Battalion

40% Off any 1 single Infinity Box set

30% Off a Dropzone Commander 2 player box set

25% Off all Flames Of War

50% Off a KR Back Pack 1

Welcome to our Winter Open Day 2013 7

Our Winter Open Days are always full of great deals as well as some superb offers. Not only do you get the great offers but you also get a fun filled day with plenty of things to do, just check below for more details

We are open from 11am til 6pm

Standard discount all day

Off RRP*

Any Single player Starter Sets

All Gaming Terrain

If you spend over £250

Off all KR Carry Cases

All marked discounts are off the RRP (Recormended Retail Price). All our Games Workshop products are already 10% off RRP as standard so the discounts above  would not be additional to that discount but would be include in the discount. Off RRP*

Really simple and easy Games to learn fun games. Come down and see have great they are.




Both Hawk Wargames & Mantic will be here on our Winter Open Day to show their support and commitment to their gaming systems.


Hawk Wargames will be here to Demo for you one of the most popular tabletop game releases of 2012, Dropzone Commander.


Mantic will be here to Demo the BRAND NEW Deadzone & the already successful Dreadball game systems

Our Vendors love to chat about their games so come down and give them a try

Are here with Off RRP* Off RRP* Off RRP*

50% Off with any starter set  

Deals can not be stacked